Poetry I made

The first poem i made

I wish i could dance

like Junior the worlds best dancer

and I dream I could make my own moves

I am hitting bumps in the rode

I used to fall and scrape my knees

but now I seem to have stopped that

I seem to have gotten much better

but i’m really tired.

The seconde poem I made


nice, kind, funny, polite

Sibling of Lena, Zena, Carol, Layla

Lover of dogs

Fears being hit by rulers

Needs time

Gives love and happiness

Would like to see new york

Resident of Joran


The third pome I made

Very enjoyable

Act cool

Can speed up time

As short as day

Time it right

It can be sad at times

Only a couple time a year

Nothing can replace it

bla bla bla