Learning Outdoors

Resources from Environmental Education - 4/2/20

The SDW Environmental Education team will be sending weekly updates (on Thursdays) with resources and ideas for you to share with students and families. Content may come in the form of videos, lessons, read-aloud stories, or project ideas. Feel free to utilize as much or as little as you would like.

If there are specific content areas that you are interested in us exploring, or if there are specific tools that we can create to best support you and your students, feel free to reach out with suggestions!

Week 1 Resources

Nature Journals

Environmental Education teacher Laureanna R. created a video tutorial for creating your own nature journal! For ideas about how the journal can be utilized, check out document: Ideas for Teachers.
Creating Your Own Nature Journal


Adopting a tree in the backyard or nearby park and visiting it each day is a great way to get outside! This can also be a great time to use a nature journal. For more ideas related to "adopt-a-tree," check out this link!

Pollination Story and Coloring Book

EE teacher and talented artist Sally T. created a Pollination Story and coloring book. Students can color digitally on their iPads or print the book at home. The PDF file can be found here.
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