Summer Borrowing @ the GBS Library!

Can't get to your town library this summer? Borrow from the GBS Library!

This is the fourth summer that students in good standing at the library, (those who don't owe books), can checkout stories to read over summer vacation! It's so easy to do!

  1. Talk with your parents
  2. Have them sign this form
  3. Come in to the library before the end of the year & hand Ms. G. the signed form
  4. Checkout the books you want! (You might want to bring a tote bag to carry them:-))
  5. Bring them back in the Fall!

That's all there is to it!

Parent Permission

I give permission for my child to borrow books from the GBS Library over the summer. My student is a responsible Bobcat and will return all books during the first week of school in August.

Parent Signature:

Student Name:

Number of Books that can be borrowed: