GPS Learning Commons News

April/May 2016

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Blowfish Reading Contest!

We are entering our last week of the Blowfish Reading contest. Our goal is to have 100% of our Scouts read or listen to four books in the four weeks of the program. Those who complete this goal will hit a home run and have their name put on a baseball which will be added to their class bat outside their classroom door. We are keeping a scoreboard in the cafe so each team can see where they stand. We already had 6 classes reach 100% before our spring break. Let's finish strong Scouts! All logs must be turned in to Mrs. Stepp on or before April 11, 2016. Scouts will get two tickets to the game on July 22, a hot dog, a drink and get to march in the parade before the game! If we get 100% we have a chance to win $500 for our school! Let's do this Scouts!!!
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April is National Poetry Month

The month of April is National Poetry Month. Take time this month to read a poem with your child! Poetry is all about playing with words. We will be listening to and writing some poetry in the Learning Commons this month. Poetry books will be on display for check out as well. For ideas on how to celebrate National Poetry Month, check out this site, 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month. April 21 is the day chosen to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. Carry a poem in your pocket to share with others and brighten their day!


If you are playing BINGO this year, the time is drawing close to the end of our year! To qualify for the end of the year party in May, you have to have read a book in each genre on the BINGO card. Be sure to turn in your snapshot sheets to Ms. Stepp in the Learning Commons on or before April 29th! You don't want to miss all the fun!

Ending Dates for 2016

We will be checking out books through out April and into May. We will begin collecting all of the books the week of May 16th. We will begin our inventory at that time. Classes will continue to come to the LC for lessons and activities but will no longer be checking out books. Please help your child to return all library books by May 16th or send in payment for lost or damaged books. We appreciate all your help so that we can inventory and re-order books this summer and have them ready for the fall!