Animal communication

Sounds, pheromones, body language, and touch

Jellyfish and Sound
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Have you ever noticed a cat rubbing it's face against something? Well, the reason why is because they have scent glads located on the sides of it's face and on it's tail. When a cat does this it is claiming you as its own, it is marking it's territory on you, hence the reason other animals smell you. Picture credit~

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Animal body language

Animals use body language quite often, this is how they tend to speak to eachother and even to humans. In the picture above this Boston Terrier is showing his emotions through body language. Body language can help animals find mates, show emotions, and warn other animals of what is going on. Picture Credits~
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Animals using touch

Animals often use touch to help out other animals, or even just to know that they are there for each other. In this picture one monkey is picking bugs off the other one, this how monkeys show their love for each other... HOW SWEET :))))))))