In my future I see myself working as a cosmetologist. I will inform you about the schooling, the job itself, and the salary.


I plan to attend Aveda Institute in Philadelphia. It is the number #1 cosmetology school in america. I plan to go here so i will have the top skills possible so I would be qualified for any job in this field. Cosmetology schooling can range anyhere from six months to two years. Aveda Institute also offers massage therapy, spa therapy, nail technology, and esthetology classes.

the job

The duties of a cosmetology are more complicated than they seem. Cosmetologists cut and shape hair or hairpieces, and color hair. They also suggest styles to customers and consider the customers instructions, and update customer records. They also sanitize stations, clean tools, sweep hair, and all around keep the salon clean.


Cosmetologist have various rates of pay, depending on where and how long they have worked. In new york city the pay would be way better than if it were here in waynesboro. The average median pay rate is $22,000/year but can go up to $80,000 if you are an expierienced famous stylist with your own salon.
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