The Hive

News from Mrs. Idehenre's 3rd Grade Class

November 17, 2014

The Honeycomb

This week we completed our graphing assessment. We are now moving onto multiplication strategies. Students will begin using visual strategies first, including arrays and picture models. This should also help some students with their timed tests on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Congratulations to Makhi, Stevye, Baylee, Addison, Blake L., and Olivia who passed their 2s, Brady, Olivia, Vaughn, and Rebecca who passed their 5s, Elijah, Vaughn, Rebecca, and Madison who passed their 10s, and Madison and Elijah who passed their 3s. We are doing the multiplication sundae. For each times table that your child completes, they earn an ingredient or paper product for the multiplication sundae party. For example, a student who passes 0s, 2s, and 5s can earn a bowl, ice cream scoop and chocolate syrup. Practice those multiplication facts each week. We take timed tests twice a week; Tuesdays and Fridays.

We assessed verbs and are moving to adverbs. We hope that this will also add more color to students' writings.

In science, we will explore minerals. Your child will learn about the hardness of minerals and how to gather information from charts.

In S.C. History, we learned about the early explorers of South Carolina. Now we are learning about other groups who came to South Carolina. For parents, a lot of this is new (or at least will sound like you've never heard it, lol). Don't worry! In class we are completing short notes on the groups we are learning about. This will help make studying at home a little easier.

Your child should look over each days notes and return them the next day to add to it. It is important that the notes come back for your child to participate in the next day's learning. I am allowing them to bring notes home each day because it will help them to remember the information as we learn it, instead of trying to review all the learning in giant blocks before a test. Thank you.

Fountas & Pinnell Reading Evaluation

The window for Fountas & Pinnell mid-year testing is from November 13th - December 19th. During this window, some small group reading time will have to be used to assess students' reading levels. You may notice that your child may not bring home a guided reading book as often, please be patient with us.

I plan to continue small group instruction as much as possible, but each student must also be assessed individually which takes time. Meanwhile, please continue reading with books they bring home from the school library or books that you may have at home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Participate in Children's Book Week!

Our school is celebrating Children's Book week. Be sure to participate!

  • Monday - Team up for Reading: Wear your team gear.
  • Tuesday - Tie Me Up With a Good Book: Wear a tie (or scarf).
  • Wednesday - Read to Succeed: Wear career clothes to school.
  • Thursday - Hide Out With a Good Book: Wear your camo.
  • Friday - Storybook Character Day: Dress up as a Storybook Character.

Be sure you check the information sent home about the storybook character. Students need to get permission for their character and have the book or a sign to tell their character. No movie characters or superheroes. If you need another storybook character form, please email, call, or drop me a message. Thanks!

Buzzing Bites for Home

Math- How can we analyze and interpret real-world data?

Important Vocabulary:

Repeated Addition - adding the same number over and over again.

EXAMPLE: 5 + 5 + 5 is the same as 3 x 5 or 3 groups of 5

Array - An arrangement with objects in equal rows and columns. Think of a checkerboard, keys on a phone, or tiles on the floor. Here is an array example.


  1. Practice your multiplication facts each night.
  2. Let your child teach you how to play Eggs in a Nest. You will need a dice.

Language Arts- How does understanding figurative language improve my ability to comprehend?

Optional Activities:

  1. Check out poetry books from the library or look online and identify similes, metaphors, onomatopoeias, examples of personification, alliterations, and hyperboles.

Science- How can I classify soils?

Optional Activities:

  1. Dig in your soil and let your child classify it as sand, clay, or humus.

S.C. History- How did the early explorers affect the development of S.C.?

Optional Activities:

  1. Help your child with their weekly S.C. Reading Logs. You'll learn a lot that you can talk about together.

Lesslie Wellness Survey

This year, we are required to send home a wellness survey. Information was sent home this week in the communication folder. You can click on the link above titled wellness survey or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

The survey is quick (less than 2 minutes) and painless. Please help our wellness committee by completing the survey at your earliest convenience. Students who bring back the green paper we send home with your signature will receive 2 hornets. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, Nov.17 - Friday, Nov. 21 - Children's Book Week (See above for participation days)
  • Monday, Nov. 17 - Watch D.O.G.S. Opening Event 5:30 -6:30
  • Thursday, Nov. 20 - Family Reading Night 5:30 - 7
  • Monday, Nov. 24 - Make Up Picture Day