Blue Team Math

Week of September 28, 2015


All students should have completed the worksheet given to them last Wednesday and be ready for discussion Monday. Many algebra students are not "fluent" in the distributive property or combining like terms. These two concepts MUST be mastered for success in algebra. We will continue with work in chapter 2 - Solving Equations this week.

On Friday we will begin our weekly lab days. Every Friday we will be working through concepts on ck-12 Braingenie as well as other math sites. After logging in once at school, all students will be able to work on their own, completing goals I have set for them that coincide with the concepts we will be using in class.

I am planning a formative (10%) test on Thursday to check to see how the first half of chapter 2 is being conquered!


On Monday, I will give students about 10 - 15 minutes to finish their summative test (90%)

on Transformations. We will begin Angles after the completion of the test. We will be studying angels for the next couple weeks.

On Friday we will go to the lab for the first time. My plan is for us to work in the lab every Friday on concepts we are covering or concepts different students are lacking. I use the lab to differentiate learning to better meet the needs of my students. Once they are set up, they can access these assignments at home. My hope is that they use time at home to achieve the goals set for them.

Students of the Month for August will appear in this space soon!