the Cupcake Queen

by: Heather Hepler


A girl named Penny moves to a new town because her mom has a cupcake shop there. When she first gets there she has to deliver cupcakes to a party for her mom and the girls are really mean to her. She meets one good friend who is now her best friend, her name is Tally. Penny and her mom are opposites. Her mom was Hog Queen when she was younger and Penny never knew that until someone else tells her and she thinks her mom hasn't told her other things too. Penny wants to leave the town and go live with her dad. Penny and her mom start getting along. Her friend Tally wants her to stay and so she does.

Why You Should Read this Book

You should read this book because It is very good. It has a good meaning in it. It also very good because everything fits together.