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Together We Are Better

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You are too awesome to be anything less than your best!

I know what you’re thinking. “One more full week”. You know what? The kids, and their families, are thinking the same thing. We are given only so many days with the kids so why not make these next five school days the best they can be? I mentioned to a few students in conversation that it takes the same amount of energy to be nice as it does to be mean. I would also say it takes the same amount of energy to be awesome with the kids as it does to be less than awesome. How is that possible? If you are awesome, and you all are awesome, the kids will be awesome, too. It's contagious- and it creates more awesomeness. If you are less than awesome, the time you spend because the kids are less than awesome is the same. Make sense? Be awesome today, and next week, and the days to come. Let's make it the best week of the year!

*Special thanks to my friend Jay Posick for sharing this important message.

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Upcoming Events

*Unless otherwise noted, staff are invited to wear Jeans any day/every day until Winter Break begins

12/15/2014 "I"m Getting Muffin For Christmas" Enjoy this little holiday treat from the Office Elves

*Leah out of district- Katherine will be available if a need should arise. Please let the office know & they will contact her

* RtI 3-5 –Title Room SH (Enloe); HA (Johnson) AB (Price) @3:30 Title Room

*Educator Effectiveness Support @4:00-5:00 with Brenda & Leah in Lab 1

*Fitness with Carol Thole @ 4:00 Presentation Room

12/16/2014 We are TuTu Excited to serve you a Tasty Tuesday Luncheon!

*Leah @ Admin Meeting 9:00 am

*Leah observing staff 12:50 pm- please contact the office if you are in need of assistance

*Fitness Fun with Carol Thole @4:00 Presentation Room

12/17/2014 *Warm-Up Wednesday

*Leah observing staff 8:10 am- please contact the office if you are in need of assistance

*3rd gr to Orchard Manor sing @ 1:00 (program begins at 1:30)

*Faculty Leadership – Computer Lab

12/18/2014 *Thankful Thursday

We will have a guest speaker, Mike McGowan with us today for 2 assemblies: – K-2 will be called down at 12:45 (30-40 minute assembly)

- 3-5 will be called down at 1:45 (45 minute assembly).

12/19/2014 *Festive Friday

*All School Singalong- begins at 8:30 (office will begin calling grade levels down at 8:15)

*Leah- 10:00 am meeting- please contact the office if you are in need of assistance

Last day for students: Happy Holiday Break!

Staff POP-in for a little Holiday Cheer at Doolittles after school

12/22/2014 All District Tech Day- meet at Hilary Auditorium at 8:00 am

12/23/2014 Teachscape Work Session: Brenda and Leah will be available to answer questions, as well as assist with the downloading of artifacts and evidence/reflections.

Please meet at 8:00 am in the Presentation Room.

12/24/2014- 01/04/2015 Holiday Break- Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

01/05/2015 Welcome back!