TVUSD Board Meeting Highlights

October 1, 2019

This communication is to share highlights, recognitions, and notable information and action items from the Board meeting. The official minutes serve as the public record. The full meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed by clicking here

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Recognition of Great Oak High School Student Zoe Medranda - All American High School Film Festival - Official Selection Titled Ciao Tata

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Andrew Huff, GOHS Media Arts and CTE (Career Technical Education) Teacher introduced Zoe Medranda.

Zoe shared the background regarding the development of her video. The video is about her grandpa and when he passed away. She shared that he would tell her, "The worst thing anyone can tell you is no." Zoe shared, "From the moment he died, I started putting myself out there and living." She has always had a passion for film, and she began to review her future plans and started taking initiative and decided to look up the film festival because it is something she has always wanted to do. She filmed it with her mom a few days after returning home from Peru and the evening before it was due, she deleted it. "It wasn't what I wanted to share, so I followed my heart," she said. She made the final video in one day, on the day it was due. The video tells the story of her family taking her grandfather's ashes home to Peru. It is a beautiful tribute to her grandfather and his legacy.

Ciao Tata by Zoe Medranda (All American High School Film Festival 2019 ACCEPTED)


The Board approved all items listed on the Consent Calendar. The Consent Calendar typically consists of contracts and routine items that do not require discussion and is approved in one motion as a group. The Consent Calendar included approval of various notice of completions and final change orders for many of the school modernization projects completed during the summer. The following previously proposed policies were also approved.

Board Policy (BP) 3312.2 - Educational Travel Program Contracts

Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulation (AR) 3320 - Claims and Actions Against the District


At-Risk Programs

Joe Balleweg, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment initiated the presentation by providing an overview of the wide array of practices TVUSD offers to support at-risk students. The presentation was split into two parts. Part One focused on the systems that are in place to identify and monitor students at risk. Part Two focused on how TVUSD develops and implements a diverse system of support. The at-risk areas focused on are Academics, Attendance, Behavior, and Social-Emotional Support.

Heather Anderson, Intervention Support Specialist at Chaparral High School shared information about TVUSD's Academic Supports and highlighted the "Puma Village" and the components that are contained within the support structures.

Jess Caponigro, Assistant Director of Student Welfare and Success addressed Attendance. The District is focused on ensuring seven or fewer absences of our students. They have created an awareness campaign that highlights the impact missing school can have on students. They have partnered with businesses, rewarding students with positive attendance, and have handed out over 1,000 certificates to students to date. There are different levels of intervention, phone calls, letters, informal meetings, and then the SART formal meeting. The goal is to try and determine what issues or obstacles might be affecting a student from maintaining good attendance. The system is not meant to be a punitive process, but rather a support process.

Donna Lione, Assistant Director of Student Welfare and Success, addressed Behavior Supports. At the elementary level, they have created marketing, signs, friendship rooms. TVUSD is a PBIS district. Our goal is to help kids build understanding and develop positive relationships. This is done with support by modeling, social workers, behavior assistants, and intervention administrators. In grades 6-12, we utilize LCAP counselors, school counselors, social workers, make adjustments to class schedules, and identify other barriers that may be affecting student success. Adverse Behavior and Discipline Supports - TVUSD utilizes restorative practices, adult mentors, social workers, discipline re-entry meetings, social-emotional re-entry meetings, the new VES MAP Program for elementary students who have had adverse behaviors for temporary placement, a discipline matrix, progressive discipline, VAPING progressive discipline, and a focused connection between families, schools, and community.

Kimberly Velez, Executive Director of Special Education addressed social-emotional learning and the vision and goals of the Social-Emotional Learning Teams. TVUSD has grown from 1 social worker to 15 to support students. SEL's provide support and feedback, partnership, and capacity building support to impact overall student success.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presented.

Proposed Changes to Board Policies

Gamut, a service offered by the California School Boards Association, is an online policy information service that incorporates a policy update reference manual that is updated continually as laws are changed and updates are made. Board Policies were updated with all district policies on January 16, 2018. Gamut updated the following policies and the district administration reviewed the changes.

The Board reviewed recommended changes to the following Board Policies:
Board Policy (BP) 3290 - GIFTS, GRANTS, AND BEQUESTS

Board Policy (BP) and (AR) Administrative Regulation 6145.2 - ATHLETIC COMPETITION

Board Bylaw (BB) 9110 - TERMS OF OFFICE

The policies will be brought back for the Board's approval consideration at a future meeting.


Public Hearing and Adoption of Resolution - Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials Compliance for Fiscal Year 2019/20

The Board held a public hearing. The hearing was followed by the adoption of Resolution No. 2019-20/4 certifying the sufficiency of instructional materials and textbooks for the 2019/20 school year.

Board of Education Agendas and Information

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