King James Defies Gunpowder Plot


Is Guy Fawkes Really a Terrorist?

Today we found out that just under 400 years ago Guy Fawkes, along with 6 other plotters, attempted to kill King James V. He stored 36 barrels under the House of Lords and planned to blow them up on the 5th of November. Later on that day, James recieved a letter saying that there were terrorists in the basement. He sent guards to look at 11 pm that night and he found Fawkes. He originally gave a fake name, John Johnson, but the king tortured him and he gave his real name. The other plotters had hidden in a safe house, far away from London. They had taken the gun powder, which had gone wet and therefore wouldn't explode and tryed to dry it in front of a fire. No very clever, it exploded but amazingly no one was hurt. The kings soldiers surrounded the house and threatened them to come out. The people in side charged out with guns and tryed to fight back. This also shows they weren't very clever (No wonder they failed!) as the king had over 200 men. One bullet killed two of the main men and the others shortly followed.

This is the story many people believe and is probably true but there are some arguements. Some people think that the whole plot was fake and set up by the king and his advisors. This is because at the time it happened, Catholics and Protestants were arguing whose beliefs were best. the king was Protestant and wanted to get rid of Catholics like Guy Fawkes because they caused too much trouble. This story would be a very good excuse to get rid of the Catholics and kill any trouble makers. Which story do you think is true?