The Perseverance of Great People

May 2016 Mayson R.

Walt Disney: The Man with a Dream

The adversities that Walt Disney overcame are listed below:

  1. Walt's father, Elias was a serious & stern man, he denied Walt and his siblings toys as children
  2. Elias would beat his children to discipline them when they misbehaved
  3. Elias disagreed with Walt becoming a cartoonist
  4. Walt was fired from a newspaper for "Lacking imagination," & "Having no original ideas
  5. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character created by Walt right's were stolen from him
  6. The opening of Disney Land had many faults. A heat wave softens the asphalt and caused women's high-heels to sink in. Restaurants ran out of food, there weren't enough bathrooms and trash cans.
Besides all that Mr.Disney got through it all he pushed on when most would have given up. As you could see he had a bit of "Daddy issues" you could say. I mean imagine having family saying you could do this because your not good enough. In addition to having your hard work being stolen from you and put back at square one.

Robin Willaims

Robin Williams was a stand up comedian, voice actor & actor. He played many different roles including Mrs. Doubtfire from Mrs. Doubtfire, the Voice of Genie for Aladdin, and Professor Philip from Flubber. Though he faced many personal battles Mr. William was a very resilient man. He perceived through those battles and still offered joy and laughter to his fans. That I think was his greatest triumph.

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Personal Definition of Perserverance

1) They ability to prove someone wrong when they tell you you can't do something

2) The strength to push through the struggles of life with the world beating down on you


Andes Mountain Survivors & Cannibalism

The Andes crash survivors went through a lot. From crashing into a mountain peak to having to make a decision no one could imagine. Once the plane crashed and they grasped that they were alive, they soon realized that they were stranded without any shelter. They knew if they did not find shelter they would die. As for this reason they built a camp out of the wreckage of the crash. The next morning the sun was shining and it wasn't pleasant. The sun was burning their skin. Since they couldn't find any sunblock they used the make up out of a late woman's suitcase to protect their skin. As night came, with the sound of stomachs rumbling they ate what little food they could find. Having no clean water they were forced to melt snow and drink that. Once the little food they had ran out they all came to an unfortunate decision to eat the only thing around them. . . the dead. One man would not bring himself to eat, only when at the brink of death did he start eating. Digging through luggage one found a video camera and started to record their day to day routine. Later on they found a radio and used it to track what and where the rescue team was. As they were listening to the radio they found that the rescue team a had given up; hence them going out on their own to find help. They planned and packed. They made a sleeping bag suitable for the mountains unbearable conditions. The two men going out got the biggest portions of meat. After days and days, those two men found a herder in the mountains leading his heard. The herder took them to his home and gave them milk, cheese, and beans. They then got rescue teams out there to save the people still stranded in the mountains, since they knew their location. Thus, the problems faced were able to be conquered. Those men and women were able to get through every thing because of the traits they held. They were optimistic and had faith, and displayed a rare amount of strength. Which they used to perceive.
The lesson learned from this perseverance unit is the lesson you choose to learn no matter what obstacles are in your way. There are three things you can do; choose to ignore those obstacles and pretend they aren't there, then move on with your life. You can complain and to try to get someone else to move it for you, along with ultimately getting nowhere. Conversely you could get up and move it yourself. Even though people beat you down because the can't do it themselves and don't like that you can. Then you get exactly where you want to be, going through many adversities.