Black plague

By Quinn Pearson

Basic Facts

Dates, The black plague started in china around 1348 to 1350, but it never when away entirely most people believed that the black death caused by the bubonic plague which was mostly caused by rodents and fleas investing them. People think that the black plague because so much people died from it mostly tapers of because 25 million people had died from this horrible cause.

It only took the black plague 5 years to spread from china to Asia then through eroupe, in that 5 years 25 million people had died

Social effects

The black plague had a big affect on china most because 1/3 of the people in china, that 25 million people! In the winter the black plague will go away because the fleas will go away.

Political effects

With population loss, and the loss of lords peasants and foundation on which feudalism relied upon was broken. The pyramid of power broke, and everything was thrown into chaos.


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