Southern Pines Elementary Bulletin

May 6, 2016

End of Year Evaluations

Everyone will have summative evaluations coming up soon. Please sure that you have completed your end of the end of year PDP before your summative conference. You will be notified by either me or Mrs. Thomas about your conference time.

Drama Performance

Congratulations to Mrs. Pairmore and the Drama Club for two great performances last week. The kids did a great job! Thanks to everyone who helped out to make the event a success. Pictures are below.

Possible Paper Crisis

As we near the end of the year, we are also nearing the end of the money. I am hopeful that we can order more paper but for now print essentials only. I know collectively you are already doing this, but anywhere you can cut corners please do so.


The Robotics Club competed with all other elementary schools at PCHS this morning. It was our first go around and hopefully we can offer the opportunity to more students next year. It was a neat experience for all involved.

Rising 2nd Graders

Rising 2nd Graders visited this morning. What a sweet looking group of kiddos! They are really excited about joining us next year.

Teacher Appreciation Week

I hope you all enjoyed some the "extras" this week. You are a great staff and deserve so much more! Thanks to Mrs. Stone for helping pull a lot of this week together!

M Class

Everyone has gotten off to a good start in M Class EOY. Remember that there is no flexibility in the deadline. The SRI EOY window opens Monday.

Today Is The First "First Friday" Downtown


When you scroll down the two young ladies in the last photo are Emma and Caitlin (Red Hoodie) in 4th grade. All of us have days that are great and some days that for whatever reason aren't so great. Hopefully the not so great days are few. One day last week, I think I was having a day that maybe wasn't so great. I had met with several angry parents, had to suspend some kids, etc., etc. At dismissal I am all over the place, but concentrate on the sidewalk between the end of 5th and 4th grade halls. Out of the blue Caitlin walks up to me on the sidewalk and hands me a pink azalea flower that she had just plucked off one of our bushes. She handed it to me and said, "We love you Dr. Buie." She walked on past heading to the pickup line skipping along in a happy little gait. Little things like that are why we do what we do. Have a great weekend!


May 9 SRI Window Opens

May 10 SIT Meeting

May 11 Staff Meeting (Supt. Visit)

May 11 Spirit Night @ Brixx

May 18 Mobile Dairy 3rd and 4th

May 18 Staff Meeting

May 19 PBIS Dance Party

May 20 Field Day

May 26 EOG Reading and Extend 1

May 27 EOG Math and Extend I

May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

June 1 EOG Science (5th)

June 1 NCFE Science (4th)

June 2 NCFE SS (4th)

June 8 4th Grade Awards 8

June 8 5th Grade Promotion 1

June 9 Last Day for Students Dismissal @ 11:45 or 1(Will let you know when I know)

Scene Around Campus

Drama Club
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Looking for Roly Polys
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