University of Texas

By: Noah Freedman


  • Longhorn named Bevo (14th)
  • First mascot was a pit bull named "Pig"
  • 1916 Stephen Pinckney bough a steer for $124 named him Bo
  • Apperance at 1916 Thanksgiving game vs A&M winning 22-7
  • Many theroies to his name
  • Most known mascot

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  • holds more titles than any other school since 1996
  • 4 national champions for football
  • 2nd in NCAA all time victories
  • 40 national titles in all
  • 88 olympic medal holders
  • 2005-06 they claimed 11 Big 12 titles


I believe that with the logo and colors of this school they are trying to convey an image of true Texas.