Social Media, Killing Grammar

Social Media is bad because it hurts grammar in young people

Texting Effects

Along with social media texting ties in more than you think. Texting has affected many teens from using shortcuts to incorrect sentence structure. "The prevalence of Facebook, Twitter and texting has all but obliterated punctuation, capitalization and apostrophes in schools. This is threatening the future of formal writing, educators say"(Campbell). Campbell explains that the rise of technology can destroy the future of writing. This also affects many people trying to apply for college, lazy grammar will result in no from the college.This problem will rise with to constant advance in technology. Someone should attempt to solve to alseat help this issue.

To describe the the issue is the easy part to find the solution is a whole different story. Parents should get there kids in the habit of texting in complete sentences with proper punctuation and grammar. This will also help kids learn better in the writing form. Another way to take part in this is having more teacher inform kids in school. At a young age learning this will become a common thing. Increased writing grades with be a definite outcome if the solution. To increase the knowledge of kids should be a priority for parents. Less mistakes in writing on applications of any sort will give anyone a better chance in a job or life.

Social Media Effects

Social Media makes you less likely to get a job because you have a limited amount of characters. With having a limited amount of characters this makes you use abbreviations. Students are more likely to commit certain grammatical errors because they use the conventions of texting, tweeting and Facebooking in their formal academic essays.

Another problem with Social Media is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone is bullied through the internet. It is really bad because it is hurting lots of people around the world. It even makes people commit suicide.

A way people can stop bad grammar is by stopping the use of Social Media, and people can try using full grammar. If people do at least one of these things they are bound to have a better shot at a job. Even better you can have a better life. A way you can stop cyberbullying is by telling a trusted adult about what is happening. Another way to stop cyberbullying is stop using Social Media. By stopping the use of Social Media you would have zero chance to get cyber bullied. If that is done every time cyberbullying happens then we can all stop cyberbullying from happening. With no cyberbullying there would be a better world.

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By Logan and Josh