The British occupying New York

Loyalist are pouring in and Patriots are fleeing.

The Patriots were beaten, many captured, many killed.

The long awaited British victory has finally come to pass. Now the British have full control over New York. The Patriots are running off like cowards. They're better off running instead off having to face their defeat like real men. Be warned, this victory was only a taste of the great British army is capable of.

Connection to the novel

The British occupying NY connects to the novel Chains. In the book Isabel wondered, "Would the British truly free me? Should I flee to them? What about Ruth; would they help me find her?" Isabel is torn between choosing to support the British or The Patriots. Both sides have offered her rewards for helping them. She lives in NY with her Madam who is for the Loyalist so when the British begin to occupy NY Isabel's confusion gets worse.

The setting is key. If the British had lost the battle, many things might have changed with Isabel's point of view. Isabel lives in New York which brings conflicts like helping Curzon. Spying on Mister Lockton. If Isabel lived in Virginia she would be dealing with different conflicts.