The City of Ember

A tale of adventure and bravery by Jeanne DePrau

Book Information

Book-The City of Ember

Author- Jeanne DuPrau




Lina Mayfleet and Clary

Lina Mayfleet lived in the dying city of Ember, a place where the lights were beggining to fade and the supplies were running out. Lina lived with her loony grandmother and her tiny sister, Poppy. At age 12 children are released from school and assigned a job. Lina is assigned the dreaded job of Pipeworks, but a fellow student, Doon Harrow is willing to trade his job, Messenger, with Lina, who pines for a messenger job. Lina and Doon team up to find the answer to a torn document- "Instructions for Egress." Lina goes from a meek little girl to a brave, adventurous character, willing to sacrifice her time to find a way out of the dying City of Ember.

Clary is the city's Greenhouse manager, and a trusted friend of Lina's. Lina's late father had been a worker in the Greenhouse, fixing the sprinklers and such. After finding a torn document titled Instructions for Egres...., (Half the Title torn off) Lina goes to Clary for help. Unlike others, Clary beleives the document is important, and helps Lina realize many of the missing words, starting Lina and Doon off on their adventure.

The book's ending is a cliffhanger, due to the fact that it is a four book series. It is a very well thought out ending, leaving you wanting more.

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