The Land of Opertunity


Over in America we have many established and functioning colonies for you to live and work! These colonies in the New England Region include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. In the Middle Region are the colonies of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. The Southern colonies include South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

Below are a few of the amazing colonies located within these regions.

The James River virtual tour

Chesapeake Bay

Georgia and Pennsylvania colonies

William Penn was given the colony of Pennsylvania from King Charles. Penn wanted to make Pennsylvania a haven for his fellow Quakers. He also wanted it to be a "Holy Experiment" where people of different nationalities and beliefs could shape their own lives.

Georgia was a "Social Experiment." It was designed to allow for a fresh start for English poor. Eventualy the colony failed and became a Royal colony.

New York

In 1624 the Dutch established the proprietor of New Netherland and the city New Amsterdam. Eventually the English took over New Netherland.King Charles gave the land to his brother, James, The Duke of York. James named a pert of the area New York and gave the rest, New Jersey, to his friends. The Leaders of New Amsterdam renamed the city New York City in James honor.

North and South Carolina

Carolina is the latin name for "Charles." The carolinas were a great area for rice farming and large plantations. With the thriving port at Charles Town, many immigrants came to the carolinas as well as slaves to work on the plantations.