Into the Wild

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Quote 1

"June 14: "Maggots already! Smoking appears ineffective. Don't know, looks like a disaster. I now wish I had never shot the moose. One of the greatest tradgedies of my life"" (Krakauer 167).

I will need to find me a big moose to kill and eat. I will then store it so that it may last for many days. Smoking should do the trick to keep the meat from spoiling. I am not certain yet but I will know when I get to that point.

Quote 2

"Stuckey and McCandless arrived in Fairbanks on the afternoon of April 25. The older man took the boy to a grocery store, where he bought a big bag of rice, “and then Alex said he wanted to go out to the university to study up on what kind of plants he could eat. Berries and things like that. I told him, ‘Alex, you’re too early. There’s still two foot, three foot of snow on the ground. There’s nothing growing yet.’ But his mind was pretty well made up. He was champing at the bit to get out there and start hiking"" (Krakauer 159).

I need to study what I can eat accordingly to avoid coming upon anything poisonous. I will only collect berries that I know are edible. I think I will try and combine them with other things so that my meals will taste better. If in the case there are lack of berries, I will dine on birds, fish and rice.

Quote 3

"The repungance to animal food is not the effect of experience, but is an instinct. It appeared more beautiful to live low and fare hard in many respects; and though I never did so, I went far enough to please my imagination. I believe that every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition has been particulary incline to abstain from animal food, and from much food of any kind" (Krakauer 167).

Tolstoy was a very wise man and I thoroughly enjoy his work. I love this certain quote by Tolstoy because it speaks truth if you tihnk about it. I do not find killing animals is completely necessary, although, I will need food to survive. In case of emergency I will find myself needing to hunt game.

Quote 4

"At six-thrity on a brisk Thursday morning, the ground still frozen hard, Gaylord STuckey walked out on the boardwalk to the largest of the pools, expecting to have the place to himself. He was surprised, therefore, to find somebody already in the steaming water; a young man who introduced himself as Alex" (Krakauer 158).

I will need to keep warm and search long and hard for warm places. I figure I will need to rest in warm places to avoid hypothermia. I will still pack as little gear as possible so that I may not carry to much wait. Although, I do not have much but I will make what I have work accordingly.

Creating a Fire in the Alaska Wilderness

Quote 5

"He butchered the carcass under a thick cloud of flies and mosquitoes, boiled the organs into a stew, and then laboriously excavated a burrow in the face of the rocky stream bacnk directly below the bus, in which he tried to cure, by smoking, the immense slabs of purple flesh" (Krakauer 166).

I figure I will need to know how to properly build a fire in the Alaskan wilderness. I will need to smoke my meats and whatever else I may find. I will also need something to boil my rice over. A normal fire may not get me by but I will manage with what I can do.