Ms. Sizemore's Class Newsletter

Dec. 9

What a Busy, Busy, Busy Time of Year!

Upcoming Events

  • December 5 - December 11: Book Fair
  • Wednesday, December 10: Walking Wednesday
  • Wednesday, December 10: Festival of Lights (program at Dickson) Cost is $2.25.
  • Thursday, December 11: Hour of Code @ 8:15 a.m.
  • Thursday, December 11: Holiday Meal @ 11:15
  • Thursday, December 11: Parent U- Lice Prevention Information Session @ 6:00
  • Monday, December 15: Field Trip, Pack Library
  • Tuesday, December 16: Winter Program
  • Wednesday, December 17: Winter Workshop Store (8:00-9:30)
  • Thursday, December 18: Spirit Day- Holiday dress
  • Friday, December 19: Pajama Day, Gingerbread Houses
  • December 20 - January 4: Winter Break (We return Monday, January 5.)

Parent U- Lice Prevention Information Session

What a relevant topic! The "Lice Lady" will be hosting a district-wide session on how to prevent and control the infestation of lice. It wil be held in the Dickson Media Center this Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30. All ACS families are welcome to participate.

Introducing Deb Venable

Deb has been involved with Isaac Dickson Elementary since 2005 when her daughter, Emma, entered Kindergarten here. From Parent Volunteer, to Bright IDEAS Instructor, to Volunteer Coordinator (a position Deb held for 7 years) she has embraced the Experiential Learning environment and the students, staff and families in the IDES Community. She is a former Assistant Coach for the Asheville Middle School Battle of the Books Team, and currently serves as a Parent Volunteer Judge for the Asheville High School Speech and Debate Team.

Deb comes from a family dedicated to public education, with a father who was an elementary school principal and a mother who was a high school French teacher. She has a degree in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, a history of working with a variety of children and over 20 years of dance training and education. Deb loves gardening, movement therapy, yoga, reading and music, and strives to integrate these skills in her educational involvement with students. She is extremely excited to be returning to Isaac Dickson in the role of Teaching Assistant in our classroom.

I had the privilege of teaching her daughter, Emma, when she was in third grade and got to know Deb through her volunteer work in our classroom and her role as Volunteer Coordinator. I love her and the kids are going to love her too! She will join us next Monday.

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Pajama Day and Gingerbread Houses- December 19

Next Friday, we will have a Compliment Celebration. Students will wear their pajamas and make gingerbread houses. We will start with the basics- graham crackers and icing. In order to reduce food waste, please look around your house and see what you can contribute. This is a good way to get rid of the left-over Halloween candy, a partial bag of cereal, that half-empty container of sprinkles, etc. Just be sure to check the expiration dates, as I am sure some of our "supplies" might fall into our mouths as we work. This is a creative bunch, so I cannot wait to see what wonderful things they will create.

Snack Sign-up for Remainder of Year

Thank you for providing snacks for our class. By 9:00, the students are feeling a little hungry and having a light, healthy snack helps us get through the morning. I have attached the snack schedule for the remainder of the year, as there are many gaps past winter break. If you would like to sign up for another week, please follow the link below.


  • Thanks to Amanda (Myles' mom), Bonnie (Nora's mom), Amy (Stella's mom), Stephanie (Ella's mom), Calvin (Tafari's dad) and Kathy (Alastair's grandmother) for walking with us to Diana Wortham Theatre to see The Nutracker and the Mouse King on Friday. The kids LOVED the show!
  • Thanks to Maya's family for providing healthy, delicious snacks all last week.
  • Thanks for sending in extra snacks this week and for buying Winter Workshop supplies.

Here are our first products- Friendship Bracelet Kits!

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Spirit Day- Next Thursday

Next Thursday's school spirit day is all about showing your holiday spirit! Deck yourself out in anything holiday-ish - ugly holiday sweaters, hats, winter jewelry, tinsel, holiday get the picture! This will be next Thursday, December 18.

Festival of Lights

Students will participate in the Festival of Lights program tomorrow. They will learn about Ramadan, Inti Raymi and Chinese New Year. In class, we will also learn about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The cost of this program is $2.25.