"Text Talk"-NO MORE's Super Bowl Ad

Vaibhavi Joshi

"Text Talk" (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 50 Ad)

This ad is a PSA on Domestic Violence. It is raising awareness for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Demographic- What is the target audience?


In this advertisement, the target audience is primarily for females in a relationship. This relationship may already be dangerous, or has the potential to become dangerous. Although it may not be commonly seen or reported, males can be victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Abuse also. This advertisement could also have targeted males. This advertisement targets people who have boyfriends or are in a relationship. This ad also targets people who are relatively likable to be in a relationship in the first place. Finally this ad targets teenagers(13-19) in relationships, and basically any people between the ages of 14-40.


Psychographics are identified by values, attitudes, and lifestyles. This advertisement's psychographic target audience is Reformers. Reformers are looking for freedom from something stopping, or restricting, them from personal growth and social awareness. A Reformer is motivated by Enlightenment. In this advertisement, the reformers are the people being targeted by Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault. These victims are being restricted from freedom and being hurt in the process.

Propaganda Techniques Used

Propaganda Techniques are methods and approaches used to spread ideas that further a cause. They are also used to manipulate the readers' or viewers' reason or emotion. This ad uses the propaganda techniques Name Calling and Plain Folks. Name Calling is attaching a negative label to a person or thing, tearing down their opponent. Plain Folks is using events that are relatable to the average person and depicts people with ordinary looks doing ordinary activities.

In this advertisement, the character "Jake" was given a negative label. Viewers concluded that "Jake" was the person being violent, sexually assaulting, or abusing the character "Jess."

This advertisement also uses Plain Folks as a propaganda technique. In the beginning of the advertisement, they show a Super Bowl party occurring with two friends at the party and one friend at home. The average American who enjoys football tends to go to a Super Bowl party and socialize with people. This advertisement is showing ordinary people doing ordinary activities.

Analysis- Primary Appeal

The primary appeal of this advertisement was Pathos. Pathos uses emotional appeal and is designed to appeal to the audience's emotions. Pathos can deliver immediate results, but it can also have a limited impact or backfire in some way. In this advertisement, toward the end of the video, they have a blank screen where they show the victim, Jess, typing. Then it shows her typing again, and then not typing again, and so on. This appealed to our emotions because it made us worried about Jess. The advertisement also used Ethos, which is ethical and depends on the credibility of the author. It made us feel sad and empathetic for Jess. This advertisement also made us feel like we should help Jess and we want to help her.


In my opinion, this advertisement was very effective. It used a reasonable amount of propaganda techniques and other persuasive elements. In the video, at 10 seconds, Jess's friend sent a picture of her with her friend at the party and "Plenty of game left." This shows the propaganda technique Plain Folks. One reason I think this is because, as I said earlier, the average American who enjoys watching football, tends to go to a Super Bowl party. Also, I think they did a good job using Ethos. Around 30 seconds, Jess's friend said "Are you OK?" Jess was typing, then not typing, then typing, and so on. This made us worry about Jess because Jess could have easily been someone we know, or care about. I think that the advertisers, or creators, of this advertisement were trying to tell us that Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault can happen anywhere, to anyone, at anytime. In conclusion, I believe that this advertisement was very persuasive and made a huge impact on not just me, but many other people too.


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