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New Hamshire

The highlights of New Hampshire are the low crime rate, the four-season climate, the activities and places to visit, and the sports. Some negatives about New Hampshire may be the condition of the economy. Though the economy is not the best, it is not the worst either. Some may see the racial makeup of the state as a bad thing since it is not widely diverse, but I believe there are plenty of diverse people out there. The income and salary of a citizen living in New Hampshire very much affects the economy as well as the amount of jobs and the unemployment rate, which is very low. The climate affects the recreational and cultural activities to do as well as the sports. Over time, the cultural activities have affected the recreational activities as well as the sports that are played in New Hampshire. The movement of people to New Hampshire has increased in the past few years and this has an affect on all categories.

West Virginia

The positives of West Virginia are the cultural and recreational activities as well as the sports that occur there. These have all been affected by the climate, whether good or bad, as well as the migration of people and things into the area. The down sides of West Virginia are mainly the economy, jobs, taxes, and crime rate. These categories all have a major relation to each other in the fact that the economy affects the jobs and taxes and when those things are poor, it creates the need for money, which affects the crime rate. The climate can be great, but it can also be very dangerous. The violent storms that hit this area have a major impact on the people and things. While the activities to do are great, they are pretty widely dispersed throughout the state and they are mainly outdoor activities.


The significantly major positive thing about Quebec in Canada is the many things to do. There are so many places to visit and so many stores to shop in that you could never get bored. This factor alone could be a reason for many people to want to live in Canada. However, the cold climate and average economy and crime rate may also be major turn-off for many people. Two other major factors of Quebec are the extremely low unemployment rate and the language. A huge majority of Quebecains speak French and will probably be speaking it most of the time. However, a large percentage of them also know English.

The granite state will always be my home!

It's where I grew up and it's where I'll stay! The facts prove that it's the best, but there's also something about home that can't be changed. Though I will most likely be moving away for college at least, I know that I will most likely come back to the state I love most. The leaves changing color, the apple picking, the sports, and the different regions of the state make it the perfect state for me!

Where would you live?

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