Author Study

Jon Scieszka By: Dylan Frank

Central Idea

In 1991, in America, Jon Scieszka, a famous author started writing, because he wanted to start a writing career

Jon's life

Jon was born in Flint, MI, US, and he won an award for young people. Jon had many inspirations to write books such as the urge to make kids laugh, having students encourage him to become an author, and even his own kids. Jon had many different careers such as house painting, teaching, and being in the military school. Jon didn't have many hardships on his way to going become an author except for a few put downs. Jon's current life is living in Brooklyn, NY, US, and he likes coffee/fruit, and he likes to steal food to be funny.

Thank You !!

Thank you so much for letting me read you my Smore representing Jon Scieszka