Chinese Government and Economy


The Communist Government

The communist government under Mao (1949 - 1976) was a totalitarian state. Leaders were chosen instead of elected and most decisions were made by Mao Zedong, including his failed Great Leap Forward Plan, costing the lives of 30 million Chinese peasants. After Mao, the more respected and loved leader Deng Xiao Peng came to power and launched China into the Cultural Revolution. He revolutionized the government based on the US government with 3 branches - The Executive Branch, The Peoples Congress, and the Law Enforcement Branch. There is also the CCDI - The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. They make up most of the rumors heard of about Communist China. They can spy on who they want and make arrests without warning or reason. They are respectively the most dangerous and cruel organization in China.


The economy is hard to understand with all of China's "Five Year Plans", the most recent being the 2016 - 2020 reform involving the correction of air pollution, increase energy sufficiency and expanding social protection, education and healthcare. The outside of Chinas government seems next-gen, but on the inside is not as advanced as some of the more modernized countries, The World Bank reports that the GDP per capita is only 7,808 USD, while countries like the US and Australia have GDPs of over 50,000.


Peoples Republic of China National Anthem

Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves;
With our very flesh and blood
Let us build our new Great Wall!
The peoples of China are in the most critical time,
Everybody must roar his defiance.
Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions of hearts with one mind,
Brave the enemy's gunfire,
March on! Brave the enemy's gunfire,
March on! March on! March on, on!

起來,你們誰不願做奴隸的; 隨著我們非常血肉 讓我們來築成我們新的長城! 中國人民在最關鍵的時候, 每個人都必須吼他的蔑視。 出現!出現!出現! 數以百萬計一心二用的心, 冒著敵人的炮火, 前進!冒著敵人的炮火, 前進!前進!三月,上!

Economy (Hard Numbers)

Imports (USD billion) - 1,681

Exports (USD billion) - 2,283

Population - 1,375,000,000

GDP per capita - 7.808

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