Popular Culture of the 1950's

The Cold War Culture

The New Era of the Mass Media

The Federal Communication and Commission government agency regulated licenses, television, telephone, telegraph, and the radio. Another new technology was something called mass media. Mass media was means of communication that reach large audiences. The television that came out in 1948 reached 9 percent of homes by 1950 and 55 percent of homes by '54. The T.V. became the most popular during the post war years.
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Radios and Movies

Even Though the new invention; the t.v. was very popular, the radio and movies also survived through the 1950's. Instead of competing with the television and creating a variety of shows, the radio stations turned into local programming of news, weather, music, and also some community issues. This strategy actually paid off. In the mid 50's, radio advertising rose by 35 percent, and the number of stations increased by 50 percent.
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