Drug Development

By Leonor Cruz

What is Drug Development?

Well Drug Development is the process of bringing a new Drug or can be called Medicine to the Market. or it could also be known as where drugs are developed by a team of scientist trained to understand & evaluate the risk also to find the benefits of a new medicine to put it in the market so it could help people who are sick to get better.

Careers in the FDA (U.S Food & Drug administration)

These careers are all Reviewers that review the data that was submitted. They either disagree or Agree to add the Drug (Medicine) to the market.

  • Consumer Safety Officers
  • Mathematical Statistician
  • Regulatery Counsel
  • computer specialist
  • Administrative support
  • Leadership position
  • staff fellow
  • Commission's fellowship

The Important careers in Drug Developing

  • Physicians- Evaluate the data they while testing the drug (medicine) on animals & humans to determine its the safety of the drug and how much it affects the Human/Animal Salary- 24,000 ( Depends on the years of experience.
  • consumers safety officers-Preform management and liaison responsibilities. They are also are the experts on the review careers.
  • Mathematical statisticians -They provided statistical to support the drug.
  • Regulatory counsel - They work with the scientific, medical and the legal staff to develop the policies and medicine procedures of the human drugs.
  • Administrative support personnel - They make the document & review the analysis.

Pros & cons of the development of new drugs


  • bio engineered bacteria has found a cured to treat diabetes
  • Been used to keep people from suffering from deadly & painful diseases

  • Costly
  • Some people disagree with the way the use animals to test the drugs on
  • The Drugs ( Medicine) sometimes fail to past the test so the money they used was all wasted.

News Article Summary

Osteoporosis is a crippling disease that is known as wasting away of bone mass it affects about 2 million American & 80 percent of them women the cost is $13.8 billion a year. The disease is responsible for 5 million fractures of the hip, wrist and spine in people over 50 the foundation says, and may cause 50,000 deaths. The FDA developed a drug to help cure this disease in 2014.