Fiddler on the Roof Update

Wow! What an Amazing Cast!

Got Lines?

Below, you will find a Very Important Link.

At the off-script read-through on Wednesday, we kept track of the lines which needed extra review.

They have been highlighted in MAGENTA so you can give them some tender loving care.

Note: Your directors are VERY VERY proud of what you have done so far! Keep going!

We really are proud of you. Keep on going! Keep on going!

Next: Information about the first half of Tradition!

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Tradition starts with the FIDDLER (Stage Right).

TEVYE enters (Stage Left) and goes Stage Center.

Fathers and Daughters enter (Stage Left) and cross to Stage Right.

Mothers and Songs enter (Stage Right) and cross to Stage Left.

Then there is a Semi-Circle of Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Mothers.

Next, there are four rows. Back to front: Daughters, Sons, Fathers, Mothers.

Next, there are circles. Inner Circle: Men and Outer Circle: Women

Finally, groups scatter to their area of the stage for the singing and dancing as below (slightly modified....but this is the big picture.)

The Papa

The Mama

The Sons

The Daughters

Thank You to our Sneak Preview Performers!

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And for a little humor...