The Road to Perseverance

Perseverence is overcoming obstacles on the path to success

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the MLB. The MLB was a major league baseball association for whites only, but Jackie Robinson wanted that to change. There was lots of racism at this time and that caused people to not like Jackie Robinson. But Jackie Robinson fought through it. Robinson was an excellent candidate to step over the color line, because his athletic greatness was undeniable. Jackie Robinson had guts to do his job, despite knowing the consequences. He had to be prepared for violence, solitude, racial comments, aggressive/hostile fans and bad sportsmanship. He endured all of these difficulties and other people trying to hold him back, but he persevered and broke the color line. As a result of Jackie Robinson, other minorities were able to play sports and compete in other areas of our society.
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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a reliable and important historical figure. He was born November 30, 1874. His childhood was very abnormal and subject to personal tragedy. Churchill lived in Dublin from age 2 to 6, Churchill also got his interest in the military from watching parades pass by the Vice Regal Lodge. Churchill became very close to his nanny because his working parents weren't around most of his life. His nanny served as his nurse and substitute mother. When young Winston started attending Harrow School, he was listed under the S's as Spencer Churchill. At the time Winston was a stocky boy with a stutter and a lisp. People called him copperhead because of his hair color. Throughout his life he was hard-working, focused, and a man of great capabilities. For example, Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Britain and did a great job of serving his country, relinquished his post, then later he was the elected prime minister again, during a very important time in Britain's history. This demonstrated his focus since he worked very hard to obtain the position. He also had lots of family problems and other adversities in his life and still was capable enough to be the prime minister of Britain twice. Winston Churchill once said, "Never gibe in, never never never" From this quote, we know Winston Churchill is a very important part of Britain's history and has probably changed many lives by serving as prime minister twice in one country and had protected many people too.
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Losing to win

This video is very important for the unit of Problem/Solution. In the video there is a school that people to though if they don't have much money and their kids need an education, Carroll Academy. This school doesn't just give you an education they also teach you life lessons. In the school many of the kids lives had been stressful and off though a bad start. These kids parents were always getting into trouble. Some of the kids on the basketball team had parents who had been abusing their children of had been doing drugs and other illegal things. The overall solution for these problems were the school's basketball team. For an example on the basketball team the coach doesn't just teach basketball he teaches lessons to keep the kids off the streets or not to do drugs. He deals with distraught kids who have anger issues or kids who have been do drugs etc. In the story this basketball team is a very good example of problem/solution.
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Carry On

Both Dartanyon and Leroy were from poor neighborhood and had physical disabilities. Dartanyon and Leroy overcame many obstacles to achieve their goals. Dartanyon was legally blind and Leroy lost his legs in a train accident, when he was a little boy. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Leroy's physical disability became a catalyst for his wrestling career. Both Dartanyon and Leroy competed in wrestling when they were in high school and both were successful. Dartanyon went on to compete in the Para-Olympics in London in Judo and won a bronze medal. They had very little and overcame adversities and accomplished more than many people who are privileged and have no disabilities.
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Eleanor Roosevelt

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Focus and Determination

There are many different paths you can take to perservere. You must be determined and focused in order to persevere. Many hurdles and obstacles will be thrown in your way, but you must stay focused and detemined to succeed.