Special Education Department Weekly

September 30, 2015

Professional Development Right to your eMail!

This is a purely optional experience however the videos linked are valuable in some way These videos are consistent with the philosophies of the department and school district.

Video 1: Dr. Ross Greene - This video will provide a research-based and highly proven approach to challenging behaviors in children. Time 4:32

Video 2: Dr. John Hattie - As the district focuses on high yield instructional strategies, Dr. Hattie is at the top of the list. Although long at 29:44 in length, consider watching in short spurts if you are not already familiar with his work.

Video 3: An introduction to Universal Design for Learning or UDL. As education moves in the direction of UDL as a model for curriculum that gives all individuals equal opportunities to learn it is important to become familiar with the basics. Time 6:20

Video 4: A TED Talk by Rita Pierson - A motivational video of a 40 year + educator. Guarenteed to leave you with at least one smile or one thing you can translate to your experience as a teacher therefore at 7:48 it was worth including.

Kids Do Well if They Can Ross Greene #1
Visible Learning - An Interview with Dr. John Hattie
The UDL Guidelines
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

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