Dubhe B

By: Mary Ziperman

Scientific Name - Alpha Ursae Majoris

2 Interesting Facts

  • The Dubhe B and Dubhe C are part of a binary system and orbit the star called the Dubhe. (44.4 years for one orbit.)
  • It forms the end of the constellation The Big Dipper, and points to the Pole Star.

Color and Temperature

Color - White/Yellowish/Orange

Temperature - 7400 Kelvins.


  • The Dubhe B's luminosity is .49 times our Sun's luminosity.

  • Definition of Luminosity - Amount of energy released from star due to nuclear fusion.

Absolute and Apparent Magnitude

  • Apparent Magnitude: 4.73
  • Absolute Magnitude: -1.09

  • Definition of Apparent Magnitude: A number that tells how bright that star appears from it's distance from Earth.
  • Definition of Absolute Magnitude: It is the apparent magnitude the star would have if it was placed 10 parsecs from the Earth.


  • Mass: .77 times the Sun's mass
  • Diameter: .53 times the Sun's diameter

Age and Stellar Evolution Stage

  • White Dwarf
  • White yellow main sequence star
  • In the core helium burning stage
  • Estimated age: 300 million years

Distance form Earth

124 light years