Pauls Case Literary Case

Justin Parker

Point of View

Since the author used a third person point of view it doesn't give the reader a good insight to what goes through the mind of Paul. This point of view makes paul seem less significant even though he is the main character. The picture of the window represents the reader looking in on the story of Paul and the curtains represent the reader not really being able to have any insight about what Paul goes through.


The characterization gives you some insight to why Paul is so lonely and does not fit in with the rest of society. He is very unhappy with his life and the reader get to see that his only hope for happiness is by living his fantasy's by the theater and art. The black represents how Paul doesn't fit in with society and signifies that he is a loner and a outcast.


The author has a negative and dark tone when describes the setting for each place Paul goes to. This shows you that Paul is unhappy with his life around him and the only thing to bring him happiness is the theater. The dark clouds represents the negative tone the author gives the setting and the blizzard represents the unhappiness that surrounds his life.


The red carnations that he wears symbolizes himself. Paul wears a red carnation when he defiant towards his teachers and principle. Also before his committed his sucicide he buried a carnation in the ground, which foreshadows his ultimate sucicide.


Many people feel that money can't buy happiness, however Paul fantasized about having a lot of money. He believed that if he became rich he could buy his happiness and escape the world that he lives in today. However, this concept eventually consumed him with greed and it leads to his ultimate downfall. The picture of money represents the obsession that he has.

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