Element Research

Chlorine Info

Element Name is Chlorine

Atomic Number is 17

Atomic Symbol is CI

Atomic Mass (with units) is 35.453amu

There are 17 Protons, 17 Electrons, 18 Neutrons

It was discovered in 1774

Where can it be currently found/how made: Found in salt or halite. They extract chlorides through oxidation and electrolysis.

The discoverer is Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Physical Descriptions: Gas, color is a greenish-yellow, non-element, Melting Point: -34.04C/-29.27F, and Boiling Point: -101.5C/150.7F

The group is 17 and the period is 3

How Chlorine's Used

Everybody uses chlorine in pools because it purifies water. Chlorine purifies water everywhere. Chlorine is used in plastic, polymer and solvents. Chlorine disenfects and purifies stuff. That's why chlorine is used. Chlorine is used in bleach because it removes stains. It's used in antiseptics, medicine, pesticides and paint too. Great at killing bacteria and germs.

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