Build Your Own School

By:Kayla Wyatt

Howell Grove High School

We are located on Howell Grove in Hancock County, Georgia. Our school's name is significant to the street that we are located on.

No Uniforms!!!

Students are not obligated to wear uniforms but it has to be acceptable for school.

Bell Schedule & More

School starts in the middle of August and will end in the middle of May.There are 2 semesters in one school year where each student will have four classes that is needed for their benefit. School begins at 8:15 in the morning and ends at 3:30.

Bell Schedule:

1st Block: 8:15-10:00

2nd Block: 10:09-11:54

3rd Block:12:02-1:47

4th Block: 1:55-3:30

Lunch Schedule:

A: 12:02-12:32

B: 12:42-1:12

C: 1:22-1:52

Mission Statement

Howell Grove provides a place where every student can show their skills and promote the building of their character. By providing a diverse environment and learning system, it will allow the students to become more involved in activities and break out of their comfort zones.

Vision Statement

We will focus on the diversity and uniqueness among each student to create an environment that every student loves to come back to. Our standard is high but we will not allow any student to fail. We will prepare our students for success and nothing less.

Howell Grove Bulldogs!

Howell Grove's colors are maroon, grey & white. Our school song is Right Hand by Drake. Let's go Bulldogs!


Our school focuses mainly on Science, Social Studies, Engineering & Math. Howell Grove's purpose is career prep for students so they will be able to establish skills that will benefit them in their future career.

Class Time!

In each class, students will be able to voice their opinion and share their ideas on subjects and assignments so it will create an environment where students will become more involved in class.

The Lock In

The Lock In is a Howell Grove tradition where students are invited to stay at school overnight to have fun with their friends and enjoy themselves. This occurs two days before the end-of-semester exams. It allows them to relax before they have to take their exams.

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week takes place every 3rd week of the month where each day of the week there is a theme that students dress up for.

Spirit Themes:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Dress Up Like Your Teacher Day

Wednesday: Mix & Match Day

Thursday: Dress Professional Day

Friday: Twins/ Triplets Day