Follow up to PLC's

NWEA Practice

NWEA Classroom Practice

There have been a few questions regarding PLC/NWEA PLC Implementation. I hope this helps clear it up. If you have more questions, please see me.

  • Take the area of greatest deficit based on the chart we completed 2 weeks ago.
  • Using the learning continuum, to pinpoint the standard area of greatest deficit under that specific area.
  • Make a plan for how you will spiral this skill set/aligned to the standard in your classroom from now until the next round of testing so that the lowest area now becomes your highest area when we take Winter NWEA testing.

You can integrate through weekly centers, morning work, extended practice, cross curricular connections, on-line programs, etc... You just have to be able to collect data on student practice and increased achievement.

At the next meeting you just have to be able to share out your plan.


  1. Go to NWEA Reports
  2. Click on Learning Continuum
  3. Find the Umbrella Concept that you noted as the lowest area of achievement on the Fall NWEA test.
  4. Click on that area. For example- if you click on Geometry- you might have 2 strands. You will need to open up both for comparison.
  5. Identify the strand where at least 1/2 or close to 1/2 of your kids are in the lower tiers.
  6. Read the skill sets they should be able to complete and then select a specific area of focus using the skill sets identified.

If you are unsure email me. If there is a lot of confusion we can review in PLC's.