Serial Killer Project

Carl Eugene Watts & Pedro Alonso Lopez


Carl Eugene Watts was born in Killeen, Texas but later moved to Inskter, Michigan after his parents divorced in 1962. Watts claimed to fantasize about torturing and killing women around the age of 12, at a young age he became stalking girls and was believed to have killed his first victim by the age of 15. At the age of 13, Watts was diagnosed with meningitis causing him to be held back, the following year when he returned to school he had a hard to fitting in and was severely bullied. Watts' grandmother told Houston Chronicle that as a child Watts enjoyed hunting and skinning rabbits. In 1969 Watts was arrested for sexually assaulting 26-year old Joan Gave. He was sent to a mental hospital in Detroit where it was discovered he suffered from mild retardation. He was released from the clinic a couple months after checking in. Despite Watts' poor grades he graduated from high school and was given a scholarship to Lane College in Jackson. Only three months later being expelled for stalking and assaulting women. He was also involved in a brutal murder of a female student but was not convicted due to lack of evidence. Watts had married twice and had one child.

Watts or known as "The Sunday Morning Slasher" was suspected to have killed over 100 women, mainly white, between the age of 14-44 during his killing spree from 1974-1982. Watts killed in a variety of ways including stabbings, slashing, strangulation, drowning and bludgeoning. October 30, 1974 Watts tortured and brutally murdered 20 year old Gloria Steele, who was thought to be his second murder. His murders went unnoticed for almost 8 year, this was because unlike most serial killers Watts; murders were not sexually driven so no sexual acts were done meaning no DNA was left behind. And he was also not suspected to be involved in any of the murders by the people who knew him or the police until his arrest in 82. May 23, 1982 Watts was arrested for breaking into a home and attempting to kill the two women inside. While in custody, the police linked Watts to 10 other murders that occurred in the past year. There was not enough evidence to convict him of the murders but he did serve a 1 year sentence for the breaking in of the home of the two women, who survived.

Prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to convict Watts so they offered him a plea bargain in 1982. If Watts gave full detail of the murders he would receive immunity of all the murders but would be charged with burglary and attempt to kill which is a 60 year sentence. He agreed and gave full detail of 12 murders in Texas, however the cases remained open because Michigan refused to go in on the deal. Later Watts claimed to have killed 40 women and he also implied that there were over 80 victims. Police still suspect Watts to be involved in over 90 unsolved cases.