Time to start Tweeting!

Learn how to use Twitter to connect with other educators

Educators around the world use Twitter as a professional learning community. A wealth of ideas and strategies are shared there every day. Twitter will soon be available on the district network. This workshop will help you start a professional Twitter account and learn to navigate the site.

Topics we will cover:

  • Creating your professional Twitter account
  • Who should you follow on Twitter?
  • What are Twitter chats? Which educational Twitter chats are worth participating in?
  • What are hashtags? How can they be used most efficiently?

Please join us!

Wednesday, January 22nd from 2:30 - 3:30

In the computer lab

This workshop qualifies for hours towards the early release day in May!

**If you are unable to attend the workshop, and would still like assistance in starting your Twitter account, please set up an appointment with Kim.***

To RSVP to the workshop, please click the link below:

For more information about using Twitter professionally, please follow the link below.