Come to our FarmVille

We have the healthiest animals for milk, wool ,and eggs.

Our farm sells only the best supplies for use.

Most farms say that they have the healthiest animals but compare them to us and you will see a difference. And we have the best customer service out there.

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My Geo city has toothpick fences around the farm. My 6 shapes are the cylinder for the silo, a rectanguler prism for the farm house, and two other rectangles for the sheep, cow, and pig pasture. We used a cube for the table in the park. Our trees are as fresh as good eggs. You can visit the trained animals in the petting zoo with a horse and goat. We have great walk ways of blue duck tape. For our intersecting lines Belocke Blvd. and Farm Road make an intersecting road. We used Farm Road and Cow Road to make a parallel line. We have three angles. Farm Blvd. and Hay Dr. make an obtuse angle. We used Stick Dr. and Sheep Dr. to make an acute angle. Last but not least, Cow Road and Sheep Dr. make a right angle. We have a polygon that has perimiter of 24 cm and another polygon of an area of thirty cm. My Rectangles have two lines of symetry. The circle that holds the tree has infinate amount of lines of symetry. The square petting zoo has four lines of symetry. The chicken coop has three lines of symetry. We slid the sheep pasture over to the cow pasture. We rotated the court yard to the petting zoo. We have two cows for a reflection.

So, if you ever feel the need to live a country life for a little then come on down to FarmVille!