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August 2013 Team Recognition + Sept Incentive Announcement

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{Shout Outs}

Team Growth

Through the end of August, our team has grown to 667 designers across 47 states. We added 131 team members in August! HOOT HOOT!

BIG {WELCOME} to all of our newest team members!

Team Volume

Our team had a Team Volume in the month of August totaling $164,811!

Top 10 Personal Volume for August:

#1 - Shelley Sawyer $5,693

#2 - Deena Hodge $2,756

#3 - Alayna Hiltz $2,455

#4 - Erika Staten $2,196

#5 - Stephanie Sturgeon $2,088

#6 - Amy Allen $1,899

#7 - Brian/Jody Rodgers $1,770

#8 - Erica White $1,740

#9 - Lyndsay Judkins $1,705

#10 - CathyJoy Tryban $1,647

Top 5 Team Volume (1st line) for August:

#1 - OWLove O2 (Erica Petro) $42,528

#2 - Forever Charmed (Nora O'Halloran) $35,841

#3 - GLAM WOW (Katie Aslan) $27,404

#4 - Locket or Leave It (MaryBeth Denney) $9,889

#5 - Cathy Miller's Team $6,397

Top Mentors for August:
Added 5: Shelley Sawyer + Jennifer Stone

Added 4: Deanna Jordon, Collen & Meghan Kelley, Wendy Kelley, Diane Moretti

Added 3: Wendy Hempen, Lyndsay Judkins, Angelina Lowe

Added 2: Amy Allen, Pamela Bilyak, Brandy Blanch, Jennifer DePew, Haley DeRosa, Emily Edwards, Jennifer Gipson, Rebekah Harker, Nicole Hill, Selena Kato, Melissa Kopel, April Marzullo, Cathy Pereira, Erica Petro, Michelle Roberson, Erika Rozzotto, Karrie Spears, Heather Telenko, Danielle Ullrich, Carrie Wilson

Added 1: Tina Anderson, Jenniefer Ankenman, Katie Aslan, Rebecca Beussink, Denise Booth, Ashley Brinegar, Amanda Bryant, Jennifer Carlson, Kasey Cinniger, Danielle Clark, David/Amy Coggins, Kristin Collins, Leah Costello, Jennifer Denham, Michele DeNight, Mary Beth & Gabriella Denney, Kristi Dill, Kathleen Dwyer, Amanda Ford, Courteney Gamadanis, Crystal Girdner, Nancy Holland, Trisha Kielty, Randi Kroll, Audra London, Sara Losoviz, Rachael Lozada, Brandy Martin, Paula Martin, Kristi McCarter, Daryl Meyer, Heather Nagler, Deborah Oliver, Rachel Ordonez, Carly Pannullo, Stephanie Peecook, Cindy Phillips, Kelli Richmond, Kathy Siegrist, John & Tracy Sonoga, Heather Staggs, Cherise Stevens, Melissa Sundt, Kimberly Sweebe, Elizabeth Tuschner, Kimberly Waddell, Katherine Waetjen, Kim Witczak, Nicole Wood, Kelly Young, Veronica Zmich


{August Rank Promotions}

HUGE congratulations goes to the following Team Members on their promotions!!

Team Leader
  • Kristi Dill
  • Jennifer Stone
  • Wendy Kelley

Leading Designer
  • Nikki Anderson
  • Katie Christenson
  • Jennifer Denham
  • Michele DeNight
  • Haley DeRosa
  • Crystal Girdner
  • Selena Kato
  • Rachael Lozada
  • April Marzullo
  • Diane Moretti
  • Cathy Pereira
  • Jenna Salinas
  • Kathy Siegrist
  • Kimberly Sweebe
  • Kimberly Waddell
  • Kim Witczak



Just in case you haven't heard, there is no longer a Wait to join Origami Owl!

If you have anyone that is interested in joining they can go to your website and click on Join Our Team and fill out the information. They will then receive an email with a link to sign up the SAME day! Ensure they have your MENTOR ID# so they can be on your team!

{Exciting Changes Coming Soon}

I just want you to be prepared that a lot of exciting changes are going to be coming in the month of October. I know sometimes change is hard, but lets all work together as a team and try to make it as smooth as possible. Please continue to check the Back Office for all of the latest announcements.

  • New Take Out Menu (TOM) - aka catalogs - and new products will be available for ordering by designers on October 1st. The product will be released to the public on our retail websites the following week. NOTE: The new Bracelets and Over the Heart chain will be in the new TOM with notation not available for purchase until November.
  • New Back Office system will also be rolling out soon. Watch for announcements and training coming soon.
  • New Hostess Rewards - a new hostess rewards plan will also be coming and it is even a bit more generous then the current one for September. To find the current Hostess Program for September, go to Resources > Hostess Materials. More information on the new program can be found in news feed titled "Weekly Update - Wednesday August 28th"
  • New Commission Payment Method coming soon - O2 Visa Card through PayQuicker. Commissions will be deposited onto this card. You can then use your card like a debit card and/or transfer the funds to an existing bank account. No minimum balance and no fees. Enrollment form will be emailed within plenty of time before new system launches. More FAQ to be released soon.
  • New Shipping Grid - there will be new shipping charges also starting with the new system roll out. More information can be found in news feed titled "Weekly Update - Sept 4th"

September Team Incentive

Enter for your chance to WIN 1 of 4 prizes!

Prize includes your choice of up to $30 in wholesale credit towards NEW Fall Product!

This incentive is open to the whole Dream Designers Team.

CLICK HERE to find out more!

Feel free to email me at jodiocken@gmail.com with any questions.

{New Designers Incentive}

Anyone who has joined our team in August or September 2013 are eligible for this incentive.

Enter for your chance to WIN 1 of 2 prizes!

Prize includes a grab bag of 5 charms!

CLICK HERE to find out more!

*Note: New Designers are also eligible to enter the whole team incentive listed above as well.
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WHOO wants to earn an extra $1,000 by December??

By hosting 1-2 Jewelry Bars per month, it is definitely possible, especially since the average party is about $650 in retail!

{ADDED BONUS} Each designer on this team that hits the Personal Volume (PV) goal listed each month June-November will be entered into a drawing for a {SPECIAL PRIZE} valued at $150+. Drawing to take place in December. No need to email me as I will review the monthly PV and determine the entries.

Remember month end cut-off is the last day of each month at 11:59pm EST. To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office and click on Commissions > Volumes.

The following Team Members are still in the running for this prize:

Jill Adkins, Amy Allen, Stacy Allred, Nikki Anderson, Katie Aslan, Jennifer Beavers, Anna Beckman, Rebecca Beussink, Brandy Blanch, Denise Booth, Becci Carmichael, Katie Christenson, Danielle Clark, David Coggins, Leah Costello, Kristi Dill, Emily Edwards, Brandy Eltzroth, Ashley Franich, Stephanie Galliano, Lynn Garamella, Rebekah Harker, Wendy Hempen, Jennifer Jakobsen, Sheila Johnson, Deanna Jordon, Lyndsay Judkins, Selena Kato, Colleen & Meghan Kelley, Wendy Kelley, Audra London, Elizabeth Lyman, April Marzullo, Rachel McKeown, Cathy Miller, Jackie Morrison, Nora O'Halloran, Cathy Pereira, Erica Petro, Cindy Phillips, DonnaJean Rayl, Cathy Reiminger, Michelle Roberson, Shammie Robinson, Cherlyn Rosales, Andi Ross, Jenna Salinas, Shelley Sawyer, Karrie Spears, Cherise Stevens, Jennifer Stone, Stephanie Sturgeon, Melissa Sundt, Shari Sweeney, Heather Telenko, CathyJoy Tryban, Elizabeth Tuschner, Danielle Ullrich, Krista Weber, Karen Welch, Tatiana Wells, Nicole Wood, Dana Zapoticzny & Veronica Zmich - WAY TO GO!


From Corporate -- The most up to date information will always be posted in the back office news feed so I suggest checking in every few days.
  • Every Monday, pre-recorded Monday Update Webinar in the back office.
  • Every Wednesday, email/post an update in the Back Office
  • Every Thursday, pre-recorded Training Webinar in the back office.

Our Direct to Corporate Directors' Shining Jewels Team Conference Calls
  • Wednesday, Sept 11th AND September 24th
  • 5:30 - New Designers Back Office/Party Tab Training
  • 6:30 - All Team Call
  • Dial in at 805-399-1000, Access code: 200578#
  • Click here to view the screen sharing:

For those local in Phoenix, AZ, join us for the Hoot Huddle
  • Monday, September 23rd at 6:30pm at Sheraton Phx Airport Hotel Tempe
  • Please RSVP if you can come. Email me to get the link if you don't have it.

{Regional Training Events}

Some leaders are hosting their own training sessions and are inviting all Origami Owl Designers to attend, here are some of the current locations still open for registration:

09/28/13 - Sacramento, CA - Click here for details

10/05/13 - The Woodlands, TX - Click here for details

10/06/13 - Harrisburg, PA - Click here for details

10/19/13 - Charleston, WV - Click here for details

*Can also reserve a room at hotel for $94/night under Origami Owl

{Team Facebook Page}

If you haven't already, come join us over on our Dream Designers Team Facebook page HERE.

This is a place to share tips, photos, successes, announcements, and training!

If you have any questions and/or issues, let's continue to bring those items up to your mentor and/or upline for resolution. (I'm your Executive Team Leader - jodiocken@gmail.com and your Director is Kristine Stevens - charmedowlsleader@gmail.com)