Core Calisthenics

Every Monday & Wednesday at 5:30 PM at Children's Beach

Let's get a head start on our summer with spring training!

Core Calisthenics will be a quick, effective 40 minute group calisthenic training session; combination of yoga flow, bootcamp and creative core work that utilizes park benches, monkey bars, steps etc. Push ups, pull ups, intervals, planks, inchworms, bear crawls, squats, lunges etc. Timed intervals. High intensity. So it will help you reach both your functional strength training goals and/or increase your cardiovascular endurance.

It's also a nice opportunity to enjoy training while being outside. We're all busy in the summer but this spring I really wanted to offer this option to my friends and family and hopefully provide some of you with skills and understanding to be able to train yourself - without a gym membership. (Which most of us do not have during the summer months anyway).

Class cost is by donation/$15 suggested donation. Free for first timers. Bring water and a towel and please "like" the page Heavy Metal Yoga on Facebook for regular updates or potential class cancellations in the event of inclement weather or any other unforseable conflicts, (such as events happening at Children's Beach). In which case, we may change location or cancel.

All fitness levels welcome.

About Ariel Marcoux, NASM CPT/CES, CYT

Ariel Marcoux is a certified personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Pure Yoga certified yoga instructor. Originally from Nantucket, she has trained and taught at some of the country’s top fitness facilities including David Barton Gym and Equinox in Chicago and New York. Using an individualized and integrated approach, Ariel assesses, motivates, and educates clients regarding their health and fitness needs and implements safe and effective programs. Ariel adheres to the NASM’s corrective exercise continuum and OPT training model incorporating movement therapy such as yoga and myofascial release into all of her sessions.

She completed her yoga teacher training with Pure Yoga in Chicago and has studied extensively at Moksha Yoga, Chicago and Back Bay Yoga, Boston With more than 10 years of experience, Ariel has received over 1,000 hours of training from some of the industry’s top trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and master yoga teachers. She is the creator of Heavy Metal Yoga™, a unique group-training format that combines high intensity weight lifting and power yoga to hard rock.

Ariel's yoga teaching style is predominantly Vinyasa, or Flow with an emphasis on moving mindfully from one pose to the next, linking breath to movement, building heat and endurance and then holding longer poses and stretches at the end of class. Regardless of class format, she stresses detailed alignment of each Asana (pose), carefully working with or around any injuries, limitations or imbalances. She incorporates aspects of athletic training, creative core work, and corrective exercise (and sometimes even power lifting)! into her yoga classes and training sessions.

She has been greatly influenced by the Asthtanga lineage, the teachings of Ana Forrest and the coaching of international fitness presenter Bobby Cappuccio. Ariel is also a certified EMT and is passionate about animal rescue, bodybuilding, martial arts, horseback riding and music. She currently resides in her hometown on Nantucket Island.

Heavy Metal Yoga-Ariel Marcoux