Sabercat Update

Tutoring & Opportunity Lab After School Pick-Up Reminders

Dear Sabercats Families,

Each day we dismiss many students from tutoring and opportunity lab at 4:15 PM. Our main objective is safety but also to make sure we efficiently get students in your car. We need all our families to follow our procedures for picking up their child from tutoring and opportunity lab.

As in the picture below, all cars should be in one line and to the right side of the driveway. Please do not park in the parking lot, or move the cones. Parents create an unsafe situation when they and their child are walking through the car line. When that happens we can not maintain a safe dismissal. If we let one family do so, then it's ten, then it's chaos. Once you load your child into your car, pull to the left between cones and exit.

Just a reminder, we begin loading at 4:15 PM and are usually done by 4:25 PM. We know the line looks long, that is because we are mixed with the Warner car rider line. Be patient, it goes fast.

Thank you for respecting our procedures.

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Important Reminders Concerning High School Credit Courses

Taking high school credit classes in middle school is an excellent opportunity for our students, but one that carries some extra responsibilities. There are strict requirements for receiving high school credit. Please read the following if you have a student taking a high school credit course.


Successful completion of these courses will be recorded on a student’s academic achievement record (transcript), including semester grade averages and credits awarded. Middle school students must adhere to the high school passing standards for courses taken for high school credit. A student will receive credit for each semester passed. If a course is a two-semester sequence and the student passes the spring semester after having failed in the fall, he/she may receive the credit for both semesters if the yearly average is passing (70+). A student must pass the second semester and have a passing yearly average to earn full credit for the course. Students who do not meet the passing standard are expected to repeat the entire course.


Texas requires students to be in attendance for 90% of school days for credit. In a high school credit course, this means students must be in attendance for 90% of the class each semester. For 2021-2022, the fall semester has 75 instructional days, which means that students can miss no more than 7 days of school, or 7 classes of the high school credit course. Doctor or dental appointments with a note from the physician will not count against attendance required for credit; excused absences from class (parent sends note from home) will count against attendance required for credit.

If a student misses more than 7 days in the Fall 2021, there are ways that he or she can make up a limited number of absences working with his or her assistant principal. However, the rigor of high school credit classes makes it difficult for students who miss several days of school to keep up with the course work and maintain passing grades. In summary – attendance is crucial for middle school students taking courses for high school credit.

Semester Exams

All courses that count toward high school credit will administer a semester exam in the fall (week before Winter Holidays) and in the spring (the final week of school). Exams may not be administered early for any reason. Students missing exams will receive a 0 for the exam. If a student is absent for fall exams, the exam must be taken within the first week of the Spring Semester.

Please contact Tracy Jacobsen, Director of Instruction, if you have questions regarding any of the above information.


Our VIPS committee needs items for the fall staff luncheon. A successful event can only be possible with our community's generous donations. Please take a moment to view the Sign Up Genius link below and donate if possible. Thank you!

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The Sabercat cross country team had an amazing turnout at the district meet at Cy-Woods. After competing against 18 middle schools, our 7th and 8th grade girls brought home fourth place and our 7th grade boys brought home 3rd place. And for the first time in Smith history….our 8th grade boys brought home the district title of 1st place! Coach Kimpton and Coach Koncaba would like to thank all of the team for working hard to make this an unforgettable season.

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Young Adult Literature - Opt In Permission

Just a reminder, you need to opt in for your student to read "Young Adult" books. These books are targeted for students ages 14 and above. Please note that the books may contain profanity and sexual content.
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25 - 29 Red Ribbon Week

25 - Volleyball B Team Tournament

26 - Football Game 7/Aragon - 8/HOME

28 - Volleyball HOME Game vs. Aragon

29 - Progress Report Grades End

30 - Volleyball B Team Tournament

31 - Halloween


1 - 2 Professional Day - NO SCHOOL