South Carolina

New South

Native American Wars

When us Englishmen arrived, the Native Americans competed with the Europeans to dominate the trade routes in the area. The indians fought for the European goods and the Europeans struggled to dominate the trade routes. Carolina Indian traders had established control over the southeast very fast. Series of wars resulted when the slave trade increased violence within the Native Americans.

My Life in South Carolina

South Carolina was my home, I would not want to live any other place besides here. In this colony there was widespread religious toleration and a representative government provided by the constitution. The one thing I did not like was that we were the first state that recognized slavery and became a hub for slavery. Even though we had freedom with religion, our rights were not guaranteed to us which made me have a weird feeling of home. I came out to South Carolina when i heard about the wonderful opportunity to have a new start and make an amazing living for myself for me and my future family as I am coming to the age where I would like to get married and have kids. The Native American people competed with us in the business of trade and the Indians fought over our products. All of this violence between us Englishmen and the Native American's created series of wars and ended up having the area a dangerous place for any of us to inhabitat.


Of the People book