By: Conley Bauernfeind


The people of Mesopotamia made a lot of inventions that were a guide line to the modern day intentions. Mesopotamia is in the middle of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers they had all the resources to thrive there.

One invention developed by the early Mesopotamians was the wheel which they use to make chariots and to help them move heavy objects it also made it easier to move around and they could move faster in wars. The wheel later turned in to the modern day car.

They also invented a plumbing system which they used for dams and drains to help with their crops and drinking water. Pluming then led to fillers, bathing tools, and more that we use in our everyday life.

Another invention was medicine they use clay tables and seaman oil. That later led to our advanced medicine that we use today.

The calendar was another invention that the early Mesopotamians invented. Which they use to determine years and times. It led to our calendar and we use it to schedule times.

All the inventions that you’ve seen today are all inventions that early Mesopotamians used and we still use today.