The Battle of Leyte Gulf

"The Second battle of the phillippines"

Date(s) Fought

October 23-26, 1944

Who was involved?

Japan & the Allies

Where the battle was fought?

This battle was fought near Singapore, in the Phillippine waters

What made this batte significant?

This battle was significant to the war because, we stopped most of Japan's navy we most likely avoided another Pearl Harbor incident

What were the amounts of casualties on both sides?

Japan: 16,550 killed .

US: 8,310 killed .

Who won the battle?

Even though Japan started using kamikazes, destroying many US ships, the Allies over through Japans naval fleet, and it lead to the bombing in Japan, which they later surrendered after .

3 facts

  • This battle was the largest naval battle in history causing a huge number of casualties on both sides .
  • Japan had a fear of losing the war, so with the destructive power they knew that kamikazes had, they started using them
  • The US was using island hopping through out this battle, taking over different islands to scare the Japanese