Friday Focus

JSE Staff, March 18th


Have a wonderful break with family and friends!

A timely quick read, "One to Grow On, Mileposts of a Meaningful Life" for you as you enjoy a week for you and we return refreshed and pumped up to finish the year strong!

Wishing you rejuvenating R&R!


Classroom Discussions in Math

blendspace Math Talk

Step 1: Helping individual students clarify and Share Their Own Thoughts

Step 2: Helping Students Orient to the Thinking of Others

Step 3: Helping Students Deepen Their Own Reasoning

Step 4: Helping Students Engage with the Reasoning of Others

Add to your questioning:

Turn and Talk

Stop and Jot

Will you share that with the class?

So are you saying? (revoicing)

Our Goal: Thinking, talking, moving, or emotionally involved so that what you teach gets into long-term memory.

Professional Development

  • Math TEXTBOOK Samples: **I have heard excellent things about MyMath and iready, please head to 105 and have a look at your grade level materials! Let the committee know what you thinkl. A decision will be made shortly after spring break.
  • Wednesday: Safety Meeting in Cathy's Room
  • Thursday: Q and A with STAR in Tara's Room **STAR for Reading and Math window opens Monday. Get to the lab!

Reminders and Important Dates

  • STAR Lab Here April 5th and 6th
  • Family Science Night April 7th 6pm
  • Don't forget to display your Science work in the hallway for Science night.
  • STAR Testing Math and Reading after Spring Break-check the google calendar for the window.
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize CSL: Demonstrate Perseverance and Bucket-filling Trait: Gratitude
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!