What is propane?

Propane is a nonrenewable resource found at the bottom the of the oceans stored as a gas in pockets in the ground. It can also be found almost anywhere in the world
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What is propane used for?

Propane is used for alot of things such as heating your house and putting on barbecues, you can use to heat your pools and some people use it to dry their crops, you can even use it a fuel of some vehicles.

What are some products of propane?

Bricks use propane when they dry because it helps dry the bricks faster.

Who uses propane?

Almost every one uses propane. Even if u don't now that you are using it you probably are here is a picture to show yo the percentage of ho it is used.
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What are the cost of using propane?

Propane is a fossil fuel that is very hard to get because it is expensive to drill down to collect the gas. Propane I expensive to store because you have to turn it into a liquid by pressurizing it. Then when it is ready to use you have to unpresurise it back into a gas.

Advantages to using propane.

There are a lot of advantages to using propane. Such as it is a relatively clean gas because when it is burned it emits small amaounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. It has many uses. And it is a big present age of residential energy.
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