Tech Tuesday Newsletter

January 14, 2014

Your Destiny is here!

Today's Tech Newsletter is all about the new Follett Destiny Quest library management system. There will be tutorials, videos, and screen shots to help you navigate, search, place holds, and more!

Today's Topics:

  • Destiny Link
  • Logging In
  • Overview Training Video
  • Searching

Destiny link

The address is simple:

(open in Chrome)

Log in as You

To log in as a teacher in Destiny Quest simply use your network username and network password. The login tab is at the top right hand corner of the page.

Destiny Overview Training Video

There is a wonderful 7 minute overview and training video provided via the Question Mark (?) at the top right hand corner of the screen. (You may have to turn the pop up blocker OFF to get this to work properly.) Click on the Question Mark and then Click on Watch Video at the top of the pop up window.


Destiny Quest -
  • Type in your subject or search term (could be an author's name), then click the magnifying glass or hit Enter on your keyboard. Narrow your search if you want to by choosing your criteria on the left.

Big image
Advanced Search

  • Allows boolean searches using and, or, and not

Big image
Visual Search

  • Browse and click on broad topics to narrow down your search.

Big image
Classic View

  • This is very similar to the look of our previous library system. It has the Basic, Power, and Visual searches available.

More to come!