Pedro Rodrigues Filho

One of the most evil serial killers

"Pedrinho Matador"

Born June 17. 1954 in Brazil, Pedro was born into his parents, abusive relationship he was born with a skull injury. At the age of 13 Pedro attempted his first murder by pushing a boy into a sugar cane press, but he survived although Filho didn't change his ways. He soon went to murder a man who falsely accused his father of theft. After this he wet on the run which began his career of burglary. He met his girlfriend during this time and began living with her. She got tangled up in his criminal life and was killed my some gang members. This was Pedro's reasoning for going on a killing spree of the ones responsible. Before the age of 18 , he had already killed 10 people.

"A Twist of Fate"

One of Pedro's first killings were in honor of his father, and in return his father mudered his mother with a machete. In an act of revenge, he executed his father and went as far as cutting out his fathers heart and chewing a piece of it and throwing it away.
First arrested on May 24, 1973 Pedro then went on to kill 47 inmates while incarcerated because he felt " they deserved retribution ". He was convicted to 71 murders and confessed to 100+. He was sentenced to the maximum in Brazil (30 years). He was then released in 2007.
Serial Killer - Pedro Rodrigues Filho