Gruening News

August 24, 2020

A Note from the Principal

It is great to finally begin the 2020-2021 school year, albeit in these most unusual of circumstances. I had the opportunity to view a couple of the classrooms via Zoom last week, and it was wonderful seeing our students. I had the opportunity to introduce myself and interact with a couple of classes.

We are busily preparing for the iReady Diagnostic assessment which we will begin administering, hopefully this week. These reading and math assessments will give us data to help adjust instruction to a student's needs. There is a link below that gives an overview of this assessment.

The Gruening teachers and staff are committed to giving our students the education they deserve. This is the cornerstone of our school. The pandemic has not changed this at all. I am always impressed with the commitment and dedication of our teachers and staff. I speak for all of us in that we long for face-to-face instruction again. Hopefully soon. It was eerily strange to have a first day of school this year with no students wandering the hallways of Chugiak High School. Students and parents, we truly hope to see you relatively soon, when it is safe to do so.

iReady is on the Horizon

Gruening students will be taking the iReady Diagnostic assessment in reading and mathematics beginning this Thursday and through next week. See the iReady button below for additional information regarding this important assessment.

Zoom Links: Where do I find them?

Teachers have been using multiple ways to send out Zoom links including email and posting in Canvas. Additionally, we have asked teachers here to provide their Zoom links to our school office so that we can maintain an up-to-date Zoom listing for each class.

An unintended consequence of this is that confusion exists regarding where to find the link for students' 3 different classes. Or, why students have to get to class via different virtual routes.

Over the next week, we are asking our teachers to post their Zoom links in Canvas. Additionally, we are working on keeping links up-to-date in the office. If you can not find a Zoom link due to a class change or if the link is not posted in Canvas, please contact us in the main office at 742-3600. We will provide the Meeting ID and password to you. We will also work with that teacher to post links in Canvas.

Uninvited Zoom Guests

You may be aware that individuals have been trying to access ASD classrooms who are not students in those classes. It has happened at Gruening as well. Any disruptions to Gruening classrooms while being delivered via Zoom will not be tolerated. Students have the right to an educational setting that is appropriate. Teachers should not be disrupted in the delivery of their content.

Please remind your student that he or she is to provide his or her first and last name for each class. Students, you are in an educational setting, so dress appropriately for school and make certain that the background where you are viewing your class from is also appropriate for school.

Many of our classroom sessions are recorded. This will allow students to view a missed class at a time that is convenient for them. If your student is unable to attend a class session, please call the front office so we can update the student's attendance.

GMS' Counselors and Contact Information

Dr. Pat Sloan, 7th-grade counselor,

Tirzah Fullmer, 8th-grade counselor,